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Rule #1: The Customer is always right.
Rule # 2: If the customer is wrong go to rule #1.

How many times have we all seen or heard this old piece of advice? No matter how often it still is one of the best rules to keep in mind while managing your campground. Too often campground owners become too protective of our facilities and tend to think about our campground as if it was one of our children. Always take time to listen to your camper. We are fortunate in this business in that most of the time our customers are looking for a good time and if we will only listen and try to satisfy them we will all have fun.

One of the best ways to be sure all of your staff treats the customers the same is to develop written policies and operation manuals that spell out what to do in everyday situations. There always will be exceptions and you need to empower your staff to handle those exceptions, but good manuals are important for proper management and good customer service. Staves Consulting stands ready to help you set policies and then put them in writing so they can be conveyed to your staff. Written policies are a great tool to help make sure your customers have a good time and not only come back to your property but even more important in our business, have them tell other campers they meet on the road good things about your facility. A few of the many items you need to consider are:

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